Hah bout…

Zane: “I want… doughnut wif my bownie.”

Me: “Um no, you don’t need doughnut AND brownie.”

Zane: “Hah bout… bownie wif my doughnut?”

Me (laughing): “No, you don’t need brownie and doughnut at the same time.”

At this point Zane finishes his doughnut which takes about 10 minutes since he has to wipe his mouth and the table after every bite, and brownies seem to be forgotten. But when the doughnut has disappeared…

Zane: “Hah bout… bownie wif my mohk?”

Me: “No, just drink your milk by itself.”

Zane: “Hah bout… bownie wif my water?”

Me: “You aren’t having a brownie at all, you just had a doughnut. Maybe later after your nap you can have a brownie.”

At this point the conversation degenerated into whining, so hah bout… we leave off there.

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