To Samuel – Month 4

Once again, Sam, your four month post will be a bit short. But that’s because it’s almost time for your five-month post already, and Mommy can’t remember much about month 4 anymore! It’s all kind of a blur my man, just one big adorable blur. You have grown so much, we can hardly believe you’re the same little baby we brought home from Red Deer hospital. We live in constant fear that we’ll wake up one morning and you’ll have climbed out of your crib, gotten dressed and started making breakfast! Please feel free to slow down at any time.


This month we took you camping for your very first time! We didn’t go far away from home, in case it didn’t go well… but our fears were unfounded. You were such a good boy the whole trip, for FIVE nights in a tent! You slept through every night, waking around 5 am to eat and then sleeping for a few more hours. And every day you slept in Oma and Opa’s trailer for like 4 hours! Daddy was worried you were sick or something, but you were definitely NOT sick. All that fresh air just wore you out. And made you hungry I might add… you ate nonstop that week. We were a little afraid you’d outgrow all the clothes we brought for you before the five days was even up. (You didn’t of course, but our fears about you are always exaggerated). Now, whenever you don’t sleep, the household joke is that we are going to set up a tent in the backyard and put you out there to sleep!


When you aren’t sleeping, you’re up and about – a happy little baby, maybe the happiest we’ve ever seen. You are fussier than your brother was, and louder and needier, but you are SO HAPPY and so friendly! You have a smile for everyone, and a little belly laugh if they please you enough. Which is all the time – you’re pretty easy to please. Everyone loves you. You win new friends just by looking at them with your big blue (gray?) eyes. And as soon as you get a little bit of attention, you crack a huge grin. You grin when Mommy or Daddy talk to you. You grin when Zane sticks his face right up in your business, although Mommy and Daddy would have thought that would be annoying. Even when Zane shoves toys (his or yours) right in your face or puts his bubby right on your face, you just grin and love every minute of it. Mommy and Daddy are so, so blessed to have you in our home, and we feel like there is more love here every day because of you!


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