To Samuel – Month 3


Sleeping in the living room. You don’t do this very often anymore – you’re becoming high maintenance!

Well Sam, Mommy is proud to say that she is writing your letter on time. You turned 3 months old two days ago… already! Mommy and Daddy can hardly believe it – it seems like you’ve grown 10 times as fast as your older brother did. You eat nonstop, you no longer sleep much during the day, and you’re already sleeping 8 to 10 hours at night just like an older baby! You’ve even grown too big for the baby bathtub already! Every time we turn around we feel like we’ve missed something important – especially Daddy, since he is always at work! At least Mommy is always around to give Daddy a first-hand account of your day. You have changed SO MUCH this month. I just hope Mommy can put everything into words… I will just have to try.



Grinning your face off in the tub!

We are pretty sure that this month you got about a thousand times cuter than you already were. You were pretty cute when you were born, so that’s quite an accomplishment… but somehow you managed it! The first thing we noticed this month was that you were starting to smile without having a fart or a poopy diaper behind the expression. And your smiles, when you started giving them out, were so winning… no one could possibly look at you smiling without getting a little happier. Toothless, and so wide sometimes you have to tip your head back just to get the full smile in. Some of your first big smiles were in the bath – you LOVE your baths almost as much as you love your meals! You smile through every bath, and when Mommy washes your face you grin and push your face into the washcloth.



One of Mommy’s favorite photos, because of the adoring expression on your face. Who says a baby can’t show love?

You also started talking this month. I think this is Mommy’s favorite part of babyhood, when you start trying to join a conversation. You talk to anyone who talks to you. All we have to do is look at your face and say anything, and you start to spill all of your stories, emphatically and happily. When you talk, Mommy can hardly listen to anything else because all I want is to keep listening to you. I have no idea what you’re saying, but you’re talking to me and you’re enjoying it. I need to enjoy it while I can, because all too soon you’ll be talking in complete sentences just like your older brother and Mommy and Daddy will have a hard time remembering what you were like at this age!



Chilling in your stroller. As long as you have someone’s attention, you’re happy!

Just in the last couple of weeks, you also started laughing! It’s still a little hard to make you laugh, but usually playing with your feet or your cheeks will do it. You are a nonstop ball of happiness but your giggles seem to be reserved for very special times. When you do giggle, it sounds like it’s coming from way down in your belly – I bet you’ll laugh that way when you’re older too. Mommy and Daddy will bend over backwards to make sure you always are happy enough and have reason to smile and laugh, because your happy face makes our day. You are happy and interactive even when you aren’t being held. When you are crying, you stop as soon as Mommy walks in the room and you just follow me with your eyes. You are always in a good mood as long as you’re around other people, and I know I’m going to have to protect you later on because I think you’re going to be a really friendly and social little boy.



The bouncy chair… you just started enjoying this seat, but nowadays it almost looks like you’re too heavy for it!

You are starting to really know and love your big brother too. Zane has been really good with you right from day one – he’s hurt you a couple of times, but we are pretty sure he just doesn’t know how to play with a baby because he’s always concerned for you. One day a couple of weeks ago, you were on Mommy and Daddy’s bed and Zane was sitting by you playing with cars. You were cooing and kicking like always, Mommy could hear your satisfied noises from the bathroom where I was cleaning. When Zane got up and came to see Mommy for a minute, you cried as soon as he left! That was when Mommy knew you already love him and you will be the best of friends when you get a little older. Whenever Zane gets in your face now, you just stare at him and you often have a smile ready for him. When you’re older and the two of you fight, Mommy will be sure to remind you how much you loved each other right from the beginning.



Your camera face – deer in the headlights.

Sam, we want you to know the last three months have FLOWN by and we can’t believe what a big boy you are already. We are already having all the mixed feelings every parent must have about their babies growing up – we are so proud of you, so happy and excited about every new milestone, yet we’re a little sad that it’s happening so fast. We want you to be our baby forever, and you’re already well on your way to being our little boy! We will love you forever, no matter how fast you grow up you’ll always be our baby!


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