It wouldn’t have been the same without you…

This was originally posted on our wedding website, but traffic to that site has been so low we’ve decided to take it down, and post some of the articles here. One of our first priorities is to post this list of people who deserve thanks for their part in our wedding day. So without further ado, we would like to thank:

  • All four of our parents, for their loving support and for putting up with us!
  • Barb and Greg Chalmers for help setting up the hall and tearing down the next day. Barb also hemmed an insane number of table runners and helped Crystal with many other things in preparation for the wedding day, and Greg took over and handled the entire bar, including liquor license and finding bartenders!
  • Jim and Jan Calliou for hosting a great breakfast the morning after the wedding, and Jan for contributing a lot of baking for the midnight lunch.
  • Vi Steiger and Margaret Steiger (grandmother and aunt of the bride) for handling the entire midnight lunch including coffee, juice, meat, cheese and buns, and snacks as a wedding gift to us.
  • Jolene Ask for taking over where she saw a void. She became known by all of our family and vendors for taking care of all the little details that needed overseeing on the wedding day. I will never forget walking out of the ceremony and Jolene handing us each a glass of water that we didn’t even know we needed! So much of the stress of our day simply evaporated because of her and we didn’t even ask for her help. :)
  • Carolyn Chalmers (sister of the bride) for planning my stagette, helping with invitations and other wedding tasks, and assisting with set up and tear down of the hall.
  • Carl Chalmers (brother of the bride) for paying for a limousine for the stagette!
  • Doug Kirchhof for pitching in last minute and helping find some important missing items, even though he was already busy taking care of his daughter!
  • Reuben Calliou for doing an incredible job as our Master of Ceremonies and for his steady supply of humor while performing that duty.
  • The wedding party for their supportiveness and attentiveness all day, and for their patience with the bride as photography wore on all afternoon! Especially Katelyn and Ashley Robinson for performing their parts in the ceremony flawlessly and for their incredible patience.
  • The participants in our ceremony: Jan Calliou and Barb Chalmers as candle lighters, Jolene Ask and Penny Crozman as readers, Jessica Bryan as our soloist, and our minister Paul Vallee for performing a beautiful ceremony.
  • Our DJ, Chris Lamontagne, for doing our ceremony music and for pitching in where he didn’t have to and helping set up for the reception.
  • Our caterer Linda Hagermann for cooking an amazing meal, providing excellent head table service, and for not charging us for all the guests who replied yes and didn’t show!
  • Our bartenders for their efficiency and skill behind the bar, their friendliness to every guest, and their vigilance in making sure we had no liquor-related issues.
  • Our photographers for near-perfect video coverage (which we have seen) and for the photos (which we haven’t seen yet), for their creativity and great attitude, and for putting up with my pickiness as the photography was the most important part of the day for me.
  • Kevin and Cyndie See for the beautiful tiered cake which was created as a gift to us.


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