Our Awesome Wedding Party

MAID OF HONOR – Krisztina Pap

Krisztina is the bride’s closest friend outside of family. Crystal met Krisztina while working at RadioShack in Northgate Mall in Edmonton. Crystal worked with Krisztina’s fiancee Doug and Krisztina worked next door at Future Shop. Crystal lived with Doug and Krisztina for a year while taking Photography at NAIT, and the two have been friends ever since. Krisztina still lives in Edmonton with Doug and their daughter Zoey.


BEST MAN: Dustin Bugera

Dustin is Rickie’s best friend or as they like to say “heterosexual life partner”. Rickie and Dustin met while working Slickline at Lonkar services and although Rickie thought Dustin was a bit weird at first, now they are inseparable and Rickie KNOWS just how weird Dustin is. Dustin lives in Sylvan Lake with his wife Kayleigh and daughter Mackynlee.



BRIDESMAID: Melina Robinson and GROOMSMAN: Garry Robinson

Melina is Rickie’s sister and she and Garry met Crystal about a week after Crystal and Rickie’s first date. When the bride and groom are not holed up gaming, they can most often be found hanging out with the Robinsons. Melina and Garry live south of Red Deer with their kids Katelyn, Ashley and William.


BRIDESMAID: Carolyn Chalmers

Carolyn is Crystal’s younger sister. These two fought a lot when they were younger, but as always happens after siblings are grown up, they are pretty good friends now! Carolyn also lived with Rickie and Crystal for two and a half years in their house in Blackfalds and stayed till a couple of months after Zane joined the family (she hosted the baby shower). Carolyn now lives in Edmonton with their brother Carl.


BRIDESMAID: Leanne Harris

Leanne is a younger cousin of Crystal’s on her mother’s side of the family. For the early years Leanne lived just down the road within walking distance of Crystal, until the Chalmers family moved out to Gull Lake. They used to enjoy activities like horseback riding in the summer and riding sleds behind the snowmobile in the winter. Leanne now lives in Rimbey with her husband Dave and daughters Abigail and Emilia.



Allan is Rickie’s cousin on his mother’s side of the family. Allan and Rickie are very close to the same age and were inseparable growing up. Although they live very close together they now hardly see each other anymore… something that will hopefully change in the near future! Allan lives in Blackfalds with his wife Jolene and kids Braden and Kaylee.


GROOMSMAN: Reuben Calliou

Reuben is Rickie’s older brother. The two shared a room for a lot of years growing up, and are close friends now. Reuben lives in Lacombe with his wife Monique and kids Noah and Jaiden.




FLOWER GIRL: Ashley Robinson and RING BEARER: Zane Calliou 

(ring bearer was assisted by Katelyn Robinson)

Ashley and Katelyn are Melina and Garry’s kids, Rickie’s nieces and soon-to-be Crystal’s nieces too! Zane is Rickie and Crystal’s son and Katelyn helped him out with his ring-bearer “duties” since he was too small to do it alone.

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