To Zane – Month 4

Zane sleeping

You sleeping in Mommy and Daddy’s bed. We love to watch you sleep… you look so content and secure. We always want you to feel that way!

Well Zane, I guess Mommy is making up for that post that I wrote the day it was supposed to be up. This one is almost a whole month late, and now Mommy is going to have to scramble to think of things that happened in your fourth month without mixing them up with things you did in the fifth! I’m going to go ahead and blame wedding planning, and make a promise to you: Now that Mommy and Daddy are married, your letters will be written much closer to the correct date!


One major thing we noticed is that you can’t be entertained with just your hands anymore! You always have to have a toy or something else to grab and eat, otherwise you realize you’re bored and get pretty crabby! You did find your feet for the first time this month, and often when you’re lying down with no toys or when you’ve just woken up from a nap, we’ll find you grabbing your feet with both hands. You’ve had them in your mouth a few times, although you don’t suck your own toes just yet!


Zane reaching for his toys

Here you are reaching for your toys. You can get these hanging ones in your hands now, and you spend quite a bit of time trying to pull them to your mouth too!

If you don’t have toys and you’re not playing with your feet, you are trying to grab anything within reach! You don’t just grab things that touch your hand like you did last month – now, you are always reaching out for whatever you see. You’ve torn Daddy’s glasses off a couple of times, and you pull hair a lot (ouch!). You have also eaten blankets, sheets, pillows, couch cushions, and many other things that Mommy and Daddy don’t think can be very good, but apparently you love them!


Zane watching TV

You love to watch everything; people, TV, cars, animals. Here you are studiously following some TV show Mommy is watching. Mommy’s actually had to cut down on her TV watching because we don’t want you watching too much!

If you are bored and have nothing to pick up, you let us know… by talking your baby language VERY loudly and earnestly. You also let us know – as loud as you can – when you want to be picked up, held or played with, and when you are hungry. You are starting to develop real attitudes and moods – we can tell you are crabby when you get overtired, or that you are mad when you don’t get fed right on time. Sometimes your attitude is downright foul, but when I think about it… Mommy is just glad you are able to let us know how you feel! At least you only get mad when you need something. You communicate moods to us with body language, facial expressions, and your voice now – it makes you seem so much more like a growing boy. Growing up too fast!


Speaking of your baby talk, it has changed a lot this month! You are so much more expressive and you operate at a lot of different volume levels now. When you wake up in the morning, we hear a small, happy “oooo, oooo” noise from your cradle, and we LOVE the smile you give us when we come over to pick you up! When you are sitting up with toys or watching us do something, you talk constantly – loud O’s and Ah’s, and occasionally you even make a B or D noise. You are starting to pronounce consonants!


Zane at Westerner Days Parade

Here you are at your very first parade. You were a big flirt; watching the floats, socializing with all the strangers at pancake breakfast, and getting right into the excitement!

One big first this month was your very first parade! We went to a pancake breakfast the first morning of Westerner Days, and watched the parade from the side of the street. You were great – you slept through quite a bit of the breakfast, and then you watched raptly as all the parade floats, cars and animals went by. You especially loved the horses, and stared at them as if you were trying to memorize every detail. The only problem we had was that you kept trying to pull your little arms out of the bundle Daddy had you in. You hate being covered – if Mommy and Daddy want you warm, we have to actually dress you, because no matter how cold it is, a blanket just doesn’t last with you!


As far as other people go, you still are a huge flirt. You LOVE attention from anyone that will give it (which is everyone) and you have huge smiles for anyone you meet, as soon as they talk to you. Your grandmas keep worrying that you’re going to make strange with them, but so far you haven’t made strange with ANYONE, even strangers! You are such a friendly and happy little boy that you brighten the day for anyone who meets you. While Mommy and Daddy know we’ll have to teach you about strangers eventually, we still hope you’ll never lose your friendly personality and your unbiased love for everyone!


Finally, and probably the best thing this month, is your laughter. You laugh all the time now – when Daddy plays with you or tickles you (you are very ticklish), when Mommy pretends to eat your hands or feet, and sometimes just when someone talks to you. You’re a little stinker sometimes with the timing of your laughter though! Mommy will be trying to feed you and you’ll be lying there, looking up at me, playing with the nipple and laughing! Mommy can’t decide whether you should stop playing with your food, or whether Mommy should just stop and enjoy your antics! You like to laugh on the change table too – whenever you have a poopy diaper, you burst into giggles just as Mommy opens it! It’s like you KNOW!


Zane sleeping in the car

You fast asleep in your car seat. You don’t always go to sleep in the car, but if you are tired you zonk out right away. And you are always holding your chains, asleep or awake!

All inappropriate laughing sessions and baby mood swings aside though, you are still the PERFECT baby and every time you talk, smile, or laugh is a joyful bright spot in Mommy’s day. So far, all of Mommy’s days are pretty bright thanks to you! I think you make Daddy’s days pretty sunny too. We love you so much, our beautiful, happy and amazing little boy, and we can’t wait to see what the coming months will bring!


Your measurements at the end of this month:

  • Height: 27 inches
  • Weight: 16 lb 10 oz

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