Zane is talking in complete sentences now. It started very suddenly – for the longest time, he would point and use one word, maybe two if he was feeling particularly articulate that day. Then in spring 2013 (not sure the exact date?), we were at the library for the 0-2 song and story time, and afterward while trying to get a book he said “I can’t reach it”. I was so flabbergasted I almost didn’t clue in and get the book for him… yesterday one word, and today a full sentence… with no coaching! How did this child suddenly learn to talk so well when no one taught him?

And that day was like some kind of catalyst or something, because since then, he’s been learning new words, speaking almost all in sentences, and starting to say a lot of his old “Zane-isms” correctly instead of using his cute mispronunciations! I asked Daddy when Zane said his first word, and what it was… and neither of us could remember for sure. We think it was “Dada” but we aren’t 100% on that… and we have no idea when it was. Maybe it’s in one of my past letters for Zane posts, I’ll have to check. This led me to realize that if I don’t record the things he says, I WILL forget them. So with that horrible possibility as my motivation, here goes:

  • Zane = Seen
  • Jaiden = Teen
  • Auntie Melina = Amity Lita, Ah-Beelina
  • Grandma and Grandpa = Gabba and Gabba
  • Granny = Danny
  • Neil = Neenoo
  • sandbox = box-box
  • raisin = e-been
  • crackers  = pah-poos, tsackehs
  • cheese = teese, tseese
  • juice = zeuss
  • spaghetti = aw-gettee
  • tomato = aw-matoe
  • potato = ah-tatoe
  • grapes = beets, deeps
  • orange = ooh-soon
  • brownie = bownie
  • milk = mohk
  • park = paike
  • car = caiy
  • horse = hoyse
  • of course = ah coyse
  • we’re here = boh heee
  • helicopter = coppy-copteh, heh-yee-copteh
  • airplane = oh-pane
  • movie = moomee
  • his bunny = the bubby
  • Charlie = Tah-lee or “loo loo”
  • sweater = haffoo
  • what’s that = hassat
  • what’s that about = hassat about
  • excuse me = smoo-smee

And the ones that require explaining need to be listed too, because they’re just as important to remember!

  • The word “bun” was used for ANYTHING remotely bread-like. Bread, buns, wraps, pitas, Panini bread, etc.
  • Mommy uses the word “fuzzy” for anything that is fuzzy – dandelion seeds, dust bunnies, tree fuzz, lint and more. Zane expanded this to include bugs, so now any bug with visible legs is a fuzzy.
  • Cousin Noah called Zane’s fruit snacks a “sticky bacon thing”, Mommy and Daddy thought it was funny and started calling them that too. To this day, fruit snacks are bacon, and bacon is well… confusing.
  • For potty training we used chocolate eggs with mini Thomas and Friends engines hidden inside, as poo rewards. For some reason, he started calling these “chockit James”. Maybe James was his favorite.
  • This spring we’ve been watching a lot of “Bewitched” on Netflix. In the opening credits I pointed out Samantha, Darrin, and the blue kitty… now every time he sees the credits, he proudly shows us Am-an-sa, Day-yin, and the loo-titty. LOL.
  • When he wants someone to play with him, he says “paew paew” or “come paew paew”

Words for which we never figured out a meaning:

  • ah-bee
  • dabadee
  • mommy-mah, daddy-dah, bubby-bah

And there it is, immortalized in zeroes and ones for all the world to see… and for me to copy, when I finally get around to finishing Zane’s baby book. (And while I’m at it, how about STARTING Sam’s baby book?) I’ll keep updating this list as more words come up (or as I remember more) so stay tuned for the latest and greatest ZANE-ISMs!

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