To Zane – Month 3

This is you just a few days before your three-month milestone. You hardly even seem like a baby anymore… it’s pretty easy for Mommy to imagine you as a little boy running around and playing!

Well little man, Mommy can hardly believe it, but you turned three months old yesterday. This month flew by so fast that Mommy didn’t even get any other blog posts written! So I guess the blog is all about you this month. Which is okay, since Mommy’s life is all about you too! You are really developing into your own little person now, and you are so much more fun and interactive this month. Although sometimes a little TOO interactive… Mommy is getting behind on housework AGAIN because it’s just so hard to tear myself away from your cuteness!


We have a pretty good routine going now. You get up around 7:30 in the morning, which is early enough that Mommy doesn’t feel like she’s wasted the day sleeping, but late enough that I can survive it! You eat a good meal and then you usually have an animated conversation with Mommy for a few minutes. Are you telling me about all the things you dreamed about during the night? If you are, then all your dreams must be good. Which is awesome because Mommy and Daddy don’t want you to have any nightmares. When we first brought you home Mommy used to have horrible nightmares every night about bad things happening to you, and I can tell you nightmares are not a fun experience! Mommy and Daddy are going to do our best to make sure your life is happy and free of any troubles or fears, so that hopefully you will always be able to sleep as well as you do now.


Here you are sleeping in your playpen during the afternoon. You looked so relaxed, content and PERFECT that Mommy had to take pictures. This is Mommy’s favorite photo of you right now!

After our morning conversation, you usually go back to sleep till around 11 AM. Then you get up and eat again, just before Mommy has her own lunch (nice timing!) and we visit again while Mommy eats. We usually play a little bit after this, sometimes by putting you on the floor for Tummy Time and sometimes just by cuddling and playing games with your hands and feet. I should mention that you HATE Tummy Time… they say to put you down for 20 minutes each day, but you spend the first five minutes grunting and then you usually get really mad! Mommy doesn’t see a point in leaving you on your tummy if you’re laying there screaming, so you get picked up as soon as you decide you’re done. I know once you can hold your head steady and lift up on your arms, you will LOVE tummy time! Mommy looks forward to that day and fears it a little, all at the same time.


Most days you are up till almost 3 PM after your second feeding. Around 3 you’ll eat again, and then you’ll have a nap. Sometimes you sleep right up until your suppertime feeding, and some days you sleep for an hour or two and then get up for a little while again. This is okay though, because if Mommy’s trying to get things done, you just hang out happily for the most part. As long as you aren’t bored, you’re pretty content, and as long as you’re with Mommy you’re always happy. (This fact, and also the way you look at me with complete and utter adoration when I hold you, makes me feel 10 feet tall and like the most important thing in the world to you.) You should know, mini-man, that you are the most important thing in the world to me, too (although you share that honor equally with Daddy).


Here you are sleeping beside Daddy. You always go to bed with him at night and then Mommy comes in later and puts you in your cradle. This time Mommy had to take pictures first because you guys looked so cute!

You eat again around 5 PM, and then you’re usually up for the rest of the evening, which is perfect because Daddy likes to spend a little time with you when he gets home from work. You have been (for the most part) going to bed around 9 PM, although the last little bit of this month we’ve been having trouble getting you to sleep at night. You go right to sleep for your morning and afternoon naps, but at bedtime it seems like you just want to feed, fuss, feed, fuss, feed, fuss, and fuss some more! Mommy and Daddy are hoping this is just a stage because it’s pretty exhausting! BUT whether you go down easily at 8:30 or 9, or with great effort at 10 PM, you ALWAYS sleep through the night now. You sleep 8-10 hours a night and Mommy and Daddy LOVE it!!! We spend a lot of time laughing at all the people who told us “sleep while you can because there’s no sleeping once the baby comes!” but we also know that we might not be so lucky with your next sibling!


Here you are having an animated discussion with Auntie Melina. You don’t care who it is, you’ll talk to anyone who will give you a second glance (which is everyone)!

You’ve gone through a lot of changes this month. Your conversations are much more animated now, and instead of making just “Oh” noises you can make all the vowels now! When we talk to you, you stare at our mouths and we can tell you’re really trying to learn how to imitate us. Don’t get too impatient little man, it’s going to take awhile yet! Sometimes when we come to get you up from a nap or pick you up for a diaper change, it really sounds like you say HI… one night when we were playing WoW, we put you on Ventrilo (that’s how we talk to the people we play with) and THEY all thought you said HI too! You have so much expression in your voice now, too… you put a lot of effort into your words. Sometimes you sound serious, sometimes you sound super excited, and sometimes you talk with a big grin on your face and sound downright PLEASED with the world. I can’t wait until you’re really talking so I can understand what you’re saying with SO MUCH emotion!


You have hit other milestones this month too. You really seem to show emotion now… I don’t think we’ve seen you sad yet, since you don’t know there’s anything bad in the world (I wish it could stay that way) but you are happy a lot! Mommy’s favorite thing is when I come to get you from your nap and even though you just woke up and you are wet and hungry, you break out in a giant face-splitting grin as soon as you see Mommy’s face. That’s another one of those things you do that makes me feel ten feet tall and SO loved. I think you’re too young to know what love is yet, but you certainly seem to be able to show it. This month, you even GIGGLED for the first time… Mommy wrote it down… it was on June 14. Mommy was strapping you into your car seat and you LAUGHED right out loud. Zane, that noise almost knocked Mommy right over. It was so cute and wonderful that all I want to do is make you laugh over and over and over. Daddy was jealous that Mommy got to hear your laugh first, but now he makes you giggle all the time so he gets his share!


The day after you laughed for the first time, we had to go have your two-month immunizations done. This was a horrible day for Mommy… not great for you either, but I think it was worse for me! Mommy had to hold you while the nurse gave you two shots in your left thigh and one in your right. At first, you were just looking up adoringly at Mommy and smiling and cooing. Then Mommy made the mistake of watching your face… when the first needle went in, your eyes went big and your mouth opened in complete surprise and then half a second later, you started SCREAMING. There were still two more needles and you screamed the whole time. Mommy was crying before the third needle… the nurse said a lot of mommies cry and I don’t doubt it! I just felt so terrible holding you for those shots because I am the one who’s supposed to keep you safe from all kinds of pain and there I was helping to inflict it on you! We have to go back in August for your four-month shots and Mommy is NOT looking forward to it. It is for your good though… the pain you feel that day will protect you from being exposed to much worse things. Knowing that is what gets Mommy through the experience!


Your hands are like toys attached right to your body. You get so into playing with them that your whole body gets involved, right down to your toes!

Probably the most noticeable thing this month is how good you are with your hands now. You grab everything… Mommy’s hair, the skin on Mommy’s neck (ouch) and sometimes, handfuls of Mommy’s boob or side while you’re eating (double ouch!). You can now get either hand into your mouth whenever you want to, although sometimes you still just hold them up and stare at them. Mommy and Daddy are going to miss it when you stop doing that because it’s SO FUNNY. You forget everything going on around you and just focus all your attention on THOSE HANDS. You always have a handful of whatever you’re wearing, or your blanket or car seat strap. And a couple of times now you have even picked up toys that are within your reach. I know it’s just a “grab reflex” right now, but someday soon you will learn that you can actually reach out and pick things up, and then Mommy and Daddy better look out!


This is just the perfect example of how easy you are. You had thrush and we were treating you with the gross purple stuff (hence the purple mustache). Even in times like that you are in a great mood most of the time!

All in all, this has been a big month for you, and for Mommy and Daddy. Other than your evening fussy times, you are still an AMAZING baby… happy most of the time, sleeping through the night, eating well, and generally easy to get along with. Maybe Mommy is asking for it by saying this, but we didn’t think it would be this EASY to be parents! Even when you’re giving us a hard time, we love you SO MUCH and we would not change a thing about you or the last three months.


Your measurements at the end of this month:

  • Height 26.5 inches
  • Weight 15 lb

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  1. Oh Zane Oma loves reading about what is happening in your life and reading Mommy and Daddy’s thoughts. We are so happy and blessed to have you in our family and I can’t wait to see you again!!! Love you my little buddy.

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