I just hijacked mom’s account manimal! You’d think she would start using other passwords for things :) Your mommy has left out some small details about your first month that I think you should be aware of: First thing I should mention is the poo, I don’t like poo and neither did you. I questioned just how it was physically possible for you to hold that much stuff inside, and it seemed as though everytime you had a full diaper and Dad changed you, you would look up at me and smirk, just a little bit since you were still learning how to smile but I know what you were thinking. Secondly is something we had to learn but you suffered a bit for it, the current word on the street for parenting is “give your baby vitamen D drops”. This might have changed by the time you get older (as most things do), but Dad went out and bought you some shortly after you were home. Shortly after that you started puking…alot…we didn’t put the pieces together for a few days but after we took you off of the “cherry” flavored crap you felt alot better. It scared your Mom and I to see you get that sick, which brings me to my next point. You were (and still are) the best and TOUGHEST baby I know, during your first month you were sick, bonked on the head, and even scared (more startled then anything) a few times, and what did you do? You cried…for about 5 seconds, thats it. You either knew it wasn’t a big deal or you just trusted us enough already to know that we would take care of anything that hurt you. I don’t throw this word around alot, but I will say it here: Your Mom and I are truly blessed with you, we both love you so much and can’t wait to watch you grow up (But you can stay Daddy’s little boy for as long as your want)

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